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Top 10 Features to Sell your Home Fast on St. John – and for more Cash

“Anytime a Buyer can walk into a house and see it already has the features they want, that is a huge bonus for the Seller,” says Diana Beam, Broker/Owner of Island Paradise Realtors, who has been a top producer on St. John for over 30 years.

Here are the 10 most profitable island home features for Sellers hoping to close quickly:

  1. A Chef or Gourmet Kitchen. Solid stone or quartz countertops are always an instant win, along with updated appliances. Your buyer will appreciate that no extra effort will be needed upon move-in.

  2. Easy Access/Paved Driveway. The roads on St. John are notoriously tricky; having a home that is accessible to enter and exit will not only make a great first impression, but will enhance the experience of visiting guests if you decide to rent your property out in the future.

  3. WATER views. Do we need to say more? Ensure you optimize on them by clearing any unsightly landscaping, for example, or removing other obstacles in the way of your view.

  4. En-Suite Bedrooms. Adding a bathroom to your bedroom(s) will always provide an excellent return on investment.

  5. A Walk-In/Owners’ Closet. Gorgeous bedroom, but tiny closet? Not only will it turn off your buyer, but also detract from the thought of attempting to turn the property into a rental villa, as many potential buyers consider doing so.

  6. Solar Panels. If you have ever had to pay a power bill on St. John, you recognize how desirable being "off the grid" is, even if the panels will only help cover a portion of your electricity bills.

  7. Exterior Solar Lighting. Not only are our roads a bit tricky, but some homes also require extra care with finding the entrance or even navigating the parking area(s).

  8. Landscaping. While we do live in paradise, ensure the immediate surroundings of your own property feel like just as much of an oasis as the rest of the island does.

  9. Pool. Our beaches are gorgeous, and world famous even, but sometimes it's nice to just have a relaxing, private pool day... no sand, no noise, no worries.

  10. High-Speed Internet & Cell Phone Service. Imagine this scenario: your potential buyer walks in and immediately falls in love with your home. They get out their phone and try to video call their partner to show off the beauty and ask if they can put an offer in... but alas, no cell phone service, so no phone call. Work with your local utility rep to ensure you have boosted both your internet and cell phone range.

Contact us today to discuss how we can get your home sold quick, and for more cash: 340-775-0949


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